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As we explore and build the backbone of what it means to find a place to call home while we are in transit, the Atlas newsletter is a global community part of the Design of Return podcast , an Italian and English bilingual podcast with creator and host Donatella Caggiano about personal stories of transit as told by the in-betweeners: people who live in between different cultures, countries, languages and identities.

We publish once a month on Tuesdays, starting June 22, 2021. In our monthly free newsletter, we will explore belonging, placemaking and cultural geography and deep dive into our episodes with additional insights, content, resources and transcript downloads.

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Amid troubled times of return, I learned to keep a piece of paper in my pocket with the names of eight people whose opinion I trust the most.

As an in-betweener, not really belonging anywhere but belonging everywhere, it can be both a lonely and empowering pursuit to design your return, even and especially if it means never “arriving” anywhere. 

Questioning yourself and others is an essential part of any journey of transit and return. And to support your journey through community can be not only vital, but a way to love yourself towards the next step. 

That is why with this newsletter and the Design of Return podcast we work to provide a safe community to answer and ask questions, share your story, learn from others, and maybe help somebody else. 

Every Friday in our subscriber-only thread, I will be there to offer a curated prompt and facilitate conversations from in-betweeners to in-betweeners.

While our work is about personal stories, we also believe in the power of designing your journey so you can have the tools to make your outer world look more and more like your inner world.

And so, with your help, in the future for the community there are curated events with guest speakers and curated workshops to help you navigate your own journey of belonging.

Your 5 $ a month (50$ a year) makes it possible for me and for our podcast collective crew to do our best work. Both the newsletter and the podcast are currently self funded and relying on the passionate contribution of the collective. By becoming a subscriber, you will support paying for: production, research, writing hours, insightful interviews, interesting guests, resources, transcript translations, special guests for members experiences, facilitation of the subscriber-only Friday thread and more.

We also understand that not everyone can afford an additional payment right now. If you are a contingent or gig worker (that includes graduate students and adjuncts), if you’re making minimum wage, if you’re an undergrad with no discretionary income, email me. No need totell me your story or make a case. Just ask. 

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About Donatella Caggiano

Donatella Caggiano is an in-betweener. After leaving her homeland in the south at the age of seven, a twelve years career as a globe trotting executive in Europe and the United States and heterosexuality, she has now returned “home” to Italy. She works internationally as a human-centric strategy designer, facilitator, podcaster and writer to support brands, organisations and communities belong in transit with creativity applied to non-binary change.

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Donatella Caggiano
Strategist. Facilitator. Creator and host of "The Design of Return" podcast. Writer. Helping organizations and communities find a place to call home with creativity for non-binary change.